Mission Impact

“I have been fortunate to be able to serve on several mission trips. I can speak with a resounding shout that it is an honor and privilege to support TriMedx Foundation as a volunteer both domestically and internationally, and that anyone who serves will be the better for it. Tech or non-tech, the heart to serve is a calling to answer.” Mary Larkin, TriMedx Foundation volunteer.

Steve James from Kenya Relief stated, “There are missions all over the world where people can volunteer. So, encourage people to go wherever God is calling them! Here at Kenya Relief, we hope to continue a long term relationship with TriMedx Foundation because their expertise in healthcare helps with keeping equipment adequately updated, our medical professionals safe, and providing the highest standards of care possible for patients. The need for TriMedx in Kenya is prominent as this type of organization can help Kenya Relief meet its goals.”

Rachel Ossyra, Rotary Club of Naperville, International.  “First and foremost, I want to thank Moses and Tim for their outstanding work and dedication and willingness to travel so far to assist us. Their knowledge, expertise & professionalism and commitment to hard work and results have been so valuable to us. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness (tools for each hospital) and ability to teach the staff while they were working. “

Greetings from Bishop Shanahan Hospital in Nsukka, Father Anselm Asogwa
“Special thanks to Moses Baryoh and Tim for your visit and sacrifices for our people. Indeed, it was eye opening and beneficial.”

“I thank the Rotary Club of Naperville that discovered TriMedx Foundation and sent them to us -- God bless them. Thank you to Moses Baryoh and Tim O’Neill for accepting to come. They are really wonderful and their readiness to help is commendable. May God bless and keep all of you. “ Father Anselm

“Our mission sites don’t lack initiative or ingenuity, they lack resources. Knowledge of medical equipment is one of the most valuable resources we can provide.” Tim O’Neill, TriMedx Foundation volunteer.

TriMedx Foundation was created in 2004 to address the international need for medical equipment repair and support. Working in partnership with medical mission organizations, TriMedx Foundation provides support services to help maintain the necessary equipment desperately needed for medical care.

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