National Volunteer Week

This week is National Volunteer Week, an opportunity for organizations around the world to recognize volunteers for their continued commitment and hard work.  The TRIMEDX Foundation was built on volunteerism.  We simply could not accomplish the good work being done in the United States and abroad without the dedication of volunteers.  Volunteers help expand the mission of TRIMEDX Foundation by increasing capacity and deepening the impact.   During this unprecedented time, we salute all TRIMEDX Foundation volunteers, TRIMEDX and Medxcel Associates working tirelessly to keep facilities and lifesaving medical equipment repaired and maintained.  We have seen firsthand the heart, compassion and devotion you bring to serving hospitals, clinics and patients around the world.   

TRIMEDX Foundation has volunteer opportunities in the United States and abroad. Volunteers with a variety of skills are important to our mission. If you are a biomedical technician or facilities maintenance professional interested in being included in our volunteer pool, please apply today at

TRIMEDX Foundation is a ministry committed to sharing knowledge, inspiring independence and improving healthcare by meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve.