The TRIMEDX Foundation was created to address the international need for medical equipment repair and support

Thanks to generous donations from equipment vendors, healthcare providers, talented technical staff, and others in the community, TRIMEDX Foundation continues to make a global impact by raising the standard of healthcare for communities in need.

TRIMEDX Foundation in the News

CURE International shares TRIMEDX Foundation impact report

TRIMEDX Foundation is pleased to share a report generated by CURE International showing examples of how collectively we’ve been able to make an impact on their organization over the past year.   CURE International is one of about 15 partners around the world our associates and volunteers are making a difference. Our partnership, even during this challenging […]

Where in the world is the TRIMEDX Foundation? The United States of America!

The TRIMEDX Foundation is back in action completing United States mission trips! Masked up and socially distant TRIMEDX Foundation staff and volunteers have six trips planned throughout July and August.   The volunteers are charged with preparing desperately needed medical equipment for shipment to hospitals and clinics in the developing world, in addition to conducting preventative […]

TRIMEDX Foundation makes a pivot to continue giving back

If you remember the Friends episode where Ross, Rachel and Chandler move an oversized couch up a narrow, sharp cornered New York City stairwell, then “Pivot!” perfectly describes what most of the world has done during COVID-19 response efforts. It has been the same for TRIMEDX Foundation, as it has risen to the challenge by implementing temporary […]